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Last month, I caught myself a jumping spider who was heavily gravid and not moving too well. I decided to keep her and care for her, and set up this little tank my sister had for her daughter's neon tetras. I named her Tachikoma, after the tanks in Ghost In The Shell: Stand Alone Complex, who were, themselves, modeled after jumping spiders. 

Within a day or two of having moved in, she laid her clutch of eggs and began to stand watch over them. I had done a fair bit of research on the care and keeping of jumping spiders, so I'd read that the mothers will often die because they may not ever leave their egg sac. I didn't want her to die — the entire purpose of this set up was for her to live! So, I did the only thing I could think of: I encouraged her to stop guarding the nest. I wasn't worried; the babies were safe in there. It took a couple of tries to get her to stop, but finally she did and she never went back. 

Until today.

Today, her spiderlings began to appear through the silken sac around them. A pair of tiny black needle point peered back as I stared at the sac, not sure whether or not I was actually seeing eyes. And then they moved. They had survived! They've really begun hatching! I was — and still am — pretty damn excited. This is amazing and something I have never witnessed in real life: the beginnings of brand new spiders. I had helped, in a small way, to bring life into this world. 

Tachikoma, for the first time in a month, has returned to her nest. She began to tear it open to help them, and eventually began to spin a hammock around the nest so that she may settle in beside her babies until they are ready to leave.

I'm not sure what I'll do with this new life. I know that I want to release some of them into the outside world, so that they may go forth and reproduce and make more utterly adorable babies, but I think I may keep one. Just one. And if Tachikoma lives through her babies' first molt, I may release her as well. We shall see.

I'm in the process of getting another, much larger tank setup for the spiders. The sites I've read recommend keeping only one spider in a tank, as they will often fight and kill the other, so I will have to decide what to do. If I keep Tachikoma, I'm not sure if she will reside in the bigger tank, or the one she's in now after it gets a thorough scrub down and redesign. 

All the same, I'm very excited to see how this goes. For a first time spider keeper, this is pretty momentous for me.

This will also be an exceptional learning tool for my niece, I believe.


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